Committee Membership

Membership of Committees for the Municipal Year 2017-18

The Mayor (Councillor C J Tamblyn) and Deputy Mayor (Councillor. I T Jones) are members of all Committees, sub-committees, and working parties of the City Council.

Finance & General Purposes Committee 

Councillor Roden (Chairman)

Councillor Wells (vice Chairman)

Councillors Mrs Callen, Mrs Carlyon, Mrs Cox, Mrs Neale, Nolan, Rich, Ms Southcombe and Mrs Eathorne-Gibbons (Chairman of Parks & Amenities Committee) 

 Parks & Amenities Committee

Councillor Mrs. Eathorne-Gibbons (Chair)

Councillor Ms L Southcombe (vice Chairman)

Councillors Biscoe, Mrs Butler, Mrs Callen, Mrs Cox, Miss Jones, Mrs Stokes, Wilson and Roden (Chairman of Finance & General Purposes)

Planning Committee

Councillor Vella (Chairman)

Councillor Ellis (vice Chairman)

Councillors Mrs Allen, Mrs Carlyon, Mrs Nolan, Nolan,Smith, Mrs Tudor,Webb and Wells,