Truro - Proud to be a Fairtrade City

Fairtrade in Truro CornwallMost shoppers know that when they see the Fairtrade logo they can be confident they are buying a product that gives it's producers a fair deal. 

Many shoppers think of Fairtrade as being about coffee, chocolate, wine, and bananas. But many more products are available now which carry the Fairtrade guarantee. This includes clothing, bags, and linen items made with Fairtrade cotton; beauty items; and a wider range of food and beverages. 

Many retailers in Truro - from big national and international chain stores to small local businesses - carry Fairtrade choices and in some cases specialise in Fairtrade and other ethically traded products. 

Fairtrade in Truro CornwallTruro City Council is working in partnership with Truro's business community Totally Truro and faith groups to help to promote the belief that producers everywhere deserve a fair deal.

In order to be awarded Fairtrade city status Truro the Fairtrade city partnership had to show participation by retailers, the Council, and other organisations in taking up and promoting Fairtrade goods and community understanding of the issues. 

Truro became a Fairtrade city in 2007. The work of the partnership continues and we publish a guide to Fairtrade and Fairtrade outlets in Truro in the City guide and on local websites. 

For more information contact the chairman of the Truro City Fairtrade group Councillor Charlotte MacKenzie 01872 261675.  To see Truro listed please go to the Fairtrade website.  To see a list of all the stores in Truro who sell Fairtrade Products, please download this document Fairtrade Truro

Find out more about Fairtrade Truro at Facebook.com/fairtradetruroand Twitter@fairtradetruro