Committee Membership

Membership of Committees for the Municipal Year 2019-20

The Mayor (Councillor Biscoe) and Deputy Mayor (Councillor Mrs Allen) are members of all committees, sub-committees, and working parties of the City Council.

Finance & General Purposes Committee 

Councillor Wells (Chairman)

Councillor  Mrs Cox (Vice Chairman)

Councillors Mrs Callen, Mrs Carlyon, Mrs Eathorne-Gibbons, Mrs Nolan, Rich, Roden, Mrs Stokes and Ms Southcombe (Chairman of the Parks and Amenities Committee)


Parks & Amenities Committee

Councillor Ms Southcombe (Chair)

Councillor Mrs Eathorne-Gibbons (Vice Chairman)

Councillors Mrs Callen, Ellis, Green, Mrs Neale, Tamblyn, Wells (Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee) and Wilkins


Planning Committee

Councillor Vella (Chairman)

Councillor Webb (Vice Chairman)

Councillors Mrs Carlyon, Ellis, Mainwaring-Evans, Nolan, Pascoe, Ms Southcombe, Mrs Swain, Tamblyn, Wells