Published: 24 March 2020



Mayor of Truro, Councillor Bob Smith

“With your cooperation, kindness and good citizenship we can overcome the Coronavirus challenge”  

Truro City Council is actively responding to the virus emergency. It has closed the library and is exploring how it may organise a home delivery service within the postal district, TR1, to offer its card-holding customers support during the period of self-isolation.


Mayor of Truro, Cllr Bob Smith, said:

‘We are going into a very serious situation which requires all of us to be careful, disciplined and thoughtful about each other. It is vital that we abide by the advice we are given: staying in, keeping our distance, respecting the need for public services to manage the pressure, and acting considerately towards our neighbours, friends and relatives whilst trying to protect the health of all. Truro City Council is working hard for the City and its community. We are doing business by mail, Skype and all virtual means. We have taken some emergency measures.’


At Boscawen Park and Truro Duck Pond, and at our other facilities around Truro, the Council urges people to stay away. The children’s play equipment Parks Manager, Richard Budge said:

‘Victoria Gardens and Boscawen Park are open, though the play areas are closed. If you go to these open spaces, which I strongly advise you not to, please be careful to obey social distancing advice. Do not congregate in groups, stay for as short a time as possible, and, please, do not attempt to use any of the play equipment. We are very aware of the pressure which all NHS staff are under as they gear up for, and cope with Coronavirus – we don’t need to be sending sprained ankles and grazed knees to A&E, or to make things worse.


The toilets at Green Street, Moorfield car park and Boscawen Park are open. These will remain open 24/7 at present to provide facilities for the essential delivery drivers. The service and cleaning program will also reduce to every 2/3 days in response to the reduction in use and to minimise exposure of our staff. All of the other public toilets are shut.’


Boscawen Park Tennis Courts and coffee shop are closed until further notice. So too is Truro Tourist Information Office in Boscawen Street (Tel 01872 274555 –

Truro Library is closed but can be reached by calling 0300 1234 111.

Chairman of Finance Committee, Cllr Chris Wells

‘We fully support the letter sent last week by Julian German and MPs asking visitors and second homeowners to stay away. We were concerned to hear last week about the abrasive attitude adopted by several customers in the Tourist Information Centre and we are very concerned for the health and safety of our staff. The TIC will remain closed until further notice.’

Lindsay Southcombe, Chair of Parks Committee, said:

‘The toilets are in the front line of public health, so we must keep them clean. I’m particularly grateful to managers who have protected the cleaning staff and have done what was necessary to keep essential toilets open. This is typical of how City Council staff, and very many others, are rising to the challenges posed by this unprecedented emergency.’ 

All council community centres are closed. Community Development Officer, Damien Richards, and his staff, are working with Cornwall Council and partners to look at coordinating community voluntary efforts to help people, and to provide support and referral advice where necessary in Truro’s various neighbourhoods. 


The Mayor said:

‘Truro is a resourceful, compassionate and community-minded city. We will come through this with fortitude and resolve. We all need to eradicate this virus by staying at home and doing what we can to help others while remaining in good physical and mental health ourselves

If you feel unwell and are showing symptoms, then phone the NHS 111 helpline immediately for advice. DO NOT go to your GP or local hospital. Please heed the advice and stay away from potential sources of infection. Do the right thing and keep your own family safe. By doing so you will keep many other families safe by not spreading this terrible virus further.’


For further information contact: 01872 274766 or email  


For further information and advice go to:

The NHS website lists symptoms of the Coronavirus here:



Truro Public Library is closed until further notice. You can still reach them by calling 0300 1234 111

Visit Truro (Truro Tourist Information Centre) is closed until further notice. You can reach them on 01872 274555 or

Truro City Council offices are running a skeleton staff and working from home where possible. Please use the following contact details for any enquiries:

Parks & Amenities call 01872 274766 or email

Truro Public Cemetery call 01872 245503/274766 or email

Mayoral or planning call 01872 245505 or email

Finance email

Lemon Quay bookings/Events call 07927122414 or email 


For queries relating to refuse, Council Tax, business queries, Trading Standards, housing benefits, or public transport, please call Cornwall Council on 0300 1234 100.